Which Massage is Right for Me?


Deep tissue Massage (60 minutes)

Deep tissue massage is perfect for those who prefer a more direct application of pressure for relaxation and stress relief. Tender points in a muscle, connective tissue, tendon, ligament, joint capsules, or periosteum would be treated with deep pressure.



Reflexology Massage (60 minutes)

Reflexology massage incorporates reflex points of the body, this therapy is sure to restore energy and promote stress relief. Beneficial changes are release of tension, improve blood circulation, and aid body functions.



Swedish Massage (60 minutes)

Swedish massage is perfect for sore muscles following strenuous activity and relieving stress from everyday living. Swedish massage usually includes some deeper work on areas of specific muscle tension.




Yes, We Have Massage Enhancements!



Aromatherapy is the use of oils extracted from flowers and herbs to treat physical and mental exhaustion. Aromatherapy stimulates lymph circulation

by relaxing tight muscles.


Hot Stone Treatment
Hot Stone Treatment eases muscle stiffness by placing smooth, warm stones at key points on the body. The heat from our hot stones helps blood circulation to get rid of toxins remaining in the body. Hot stones will be used for a customized massage to give deeper relaxation of the muscles as well.




*Massage enhancements can be added to any 30,60,90 minutes massage.